Learn British Slang Expressions

Learning British Slang Expressions is important for English learners who wish to travel to the UK for work or study, those who do business with English customers, and English students who want to sound like a native speaker.

In this video, we look at 13 very common slang expressions, covering topics including money, socialising and even going to the toilet! The English slang in this videos includes:

  • That's pants!
  • Don't get your knickers in a twist
  • Talking nineteen to the dozen
  • It's all gone pear shaped
  • To go for a slash
  • To go on the lash
  • To be skint
  • A curtain twitcher
  • To give someone a tinkle
  • To be cack-handed
  • To have a good chinwag
  • Minging
  • Mint

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