Private One-to-One English Lessons with a British Teacher

Do you need to improve your English conversation skills? Our private English classes provide the optimum learning environment to improve your fluency and confidence fast.

British English Accent Training

Would you like to sound like a native British speaker? Our British English Speaking Course is specially designed to help you to sound more natural and fluent. 

Live Group Class with a British Teacher

Group classes are taught on a face-to-face conference call. These inexpensive but valuable classes help you to interact with other English learners, improve your conversational English and improve confidence.

Our Ambition

Imagine comfortably conversing with a native speaker, feeling on top of the world. Understanding their colloquialisms and idioms, the words rolling off your tongue in reply, expressing your intentions with ease. Here at NEST, this is our goal for every individual.

NEST was founded in 2012, with the intention of bringing together a team of professional British teachers, to put the ‘heart’ back into the teacher-student relationship. Today, the NEST cooperative comprises of a group of British English teachers, residing on different continents, covering classes 24 hours a day. Each mentor has been hand-picked for their genuine love of the English language. We are a small fish in a massive pond, but when our students find us, they stick with us.

The duration of time a student stays with us at NEST is an average of 3 years, proving that our teaching methods work, our teachers become friends and guides, and our dedication to the improvement of each student's English language is invaluable.

Technology has smiled upon us, we have been given the tools to reach this goal together.

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Free Trial Class

To experience our teaching methods, inform us of your language goals, and to ask any questions, schedule a free 20-minute trial class, see you soon!

The NEST Team