Improve Your British English Speaking Skills

The NEST British English Speaking Course is designed to direct you towards a cleaner, more native British accent.

Personal Coaching of YOUR Voice

Your speech will be recorded and evaluated by an experienced ESL teacher, who will then provide tips and personal advice on how to improve.

I Need to Improve My British Accent

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The NEST British English Speaking Course

You've been studying English for a few years, you know the grammar rules and you've got a nice chunk of vocabulary to work with. Now it's time to improve your British accent, tune your listening skills and become more fluent.

Each week, you will receive an accent-improvement class to your email. The material is fully-tailored to your level, and is structured to cover a 7-day period. During that week, you will receive guidance and personal tips, from our British language mentors, on YOUR speaking and pronunciation.

A British listening-practice video is also included, along with a full vocabulary list with definitions, to expand your vocabulary, and a little quiz to test your understanding.

British English Course Price - €12 per Month

The fee is paid on a month-by-month basis, and includes all of the benefits mentioned above.

Thank you for choosing us!

The NEST Team

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When you sign up with NEST, you will receive an email with a welcome video, and Week 1 of your course.

Congratulations on choosing to perfect your language! See you soon.

The NEST Team