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Students Speaking English With Us

A few testimonials from our much-loved NEST students who are reaching their English-speaking goals with us.

Ludo - Italy

'It has been two years since I started having daily classes with NEST. I found listening and understanding such difficult tasks as well as being fluent. NEST has helped me for real and my accuracy has improved. There is not just a single aspect which made me improve. Reports after the class, constant feedback during the class, several topics in 50 relaxing minutes, some support the teacher gives to me has been helpful to develop my skills. My teacher has always encouraged me to go on. I’d strongly suggest NEST to everyone who likes to learn English for a propose or just for the sake of speaking a fantastic language. Everybody gets what they deserve and I got NEST because I deserve it.' 


Victoria and Danik - Russia

'Before studying English with a NEST I had been studying it with a non-native speaker for 3 years. Afterwards she suggested I find a Native Speaker and practice my language.To tell the truth I always have language barriers so I got seriously into this !! Firstly I began to surf the Internet. I read each website in detail. When I found NEST I decided to send a request for the private one-to-one English lesson with a British Teacher. When we met I understood we would be friends and my teacher would help me to overcome my struggles! As I am a flight attendant I must speak English because I have a lot of international flights. So I am happy and thankful for their help in my improving English ! P.S.Now my elder son has English lessons and I am sure he will achieve good results!'

Svetlana - Hong Kong

'With a great desire I want to thank you for the effective method of learning English. My native language is Russian. My difficulty is to overcome the language barrier, to speak. As soon as I need to speak English , it's very stressful . Thanks to lessons with NEST, my fear of English ceased to exist. I started to speak a little. Thank you for your understanding, patience and cheerful disposition. Every lesson I can see my mistakes as you correct my pronunciation, in a short time I began to understand English better. I can say that NEST are the best. I recommend NEST to my friends.'

gloria pic

Gloria - Hong Kong

I am so glad that I have had Corrine as my English teacher for almost two years. She is a positive and funny person. I have never felt bored in her classes. She is devoted to teaching. She encourages me to speak more that my previous English teachers, they had never made me feel like that. In these 2 years, I have built my confidence in speaking English. My obvious improvement is the fluency of speaking. I highly recommend Corrine to be your English teacher.

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